Service and Development

ICT Maintenance and Support

Our ICT maintenance and support services at your call anytime, one-time or contract at whatever level and however firm, are you searching for the best IT Companies in Jakarta, Indonesia ? Always remember to contact Grahasata Indo Wijaya services. We endeavor to ensure your smooth business operations. More and more businesses are relying on quick and stress-free ICT functions to stay competitive in today’s highly digitalized world and to ensure customer satisfaction through prompt and quality/automated customer services. Thus, whether your requirement is for assistance with your internal ICT support or for a comprehensive, fully managed outsourced ICT function, we at Grahasata Indo Wijaya can offer the exact package to meet your individual needs.

System Development

We enable progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. The team’s technical excellence takes you halfway to success. At Grahasata Indo Wijaya, we understand that a solid grasp of your business domain and mature development approach are equally critical. Over the years, we have enriched and optimized our system development life cycle and software engineering skills to arrive at a predictable process that allows teams to minimize risks and cut costs. We place a high value on transparency and extensive communication to make sure the needs and expectations of every client are met 100%

Web Design

Our web applications are marked by a robust, scalable architecture that supports high performance requirements and ease of management without compromising security. Grahasata Indo Wijaya's frontend team tops it all off with an intuitive UX and a polished UI designed to keep your users coming back.

Networks and Installations

An enterprise network is an enterprise's communications backbone that helps connect computers and related devices across departments and workgroup networks, facilitating insight and data accessibility. Architected by our technology experts, we can assure you to build a highly secure yet transparent, flexible, and integrated network infrastructure while achieving better efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

ICT Consultancy

Our ICT Consultancy service provides external advice, objectives and recommendations where our qualified and experienced consultant will help you unlock the potential in your current or future ICT investment. We focus on understanding your goals, your ideas and your vision for your establishment. From there, our ICT Consultants can advise and support you in developing solutions and partnerships to enable technology for everyone; for creating an engaging safe environment for all your organisation’s users; ensuring positive outcomes for all.

ICT Security

Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security. Whether it’s a small business needing basic protection or a large-scale enterprise project with thousands of doors and complex user access requirements, our systems provide a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of big or small.


Laptops & Dekstop Computers

No matter what computer problems you need fixing, upgrades you need installing, or questions you need answering, at Care Computers, we are your choice for solutions. Our team will provide excellent support whenever you need it, either on-site of your business, or remotely. We also provide solution to all Computing & Office Automation needs i.e.. Sales, Service and Maintenance of Desktop, PC/Laptops and Workstations

Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are now an essential part of everyday life for most people and so the associated after-market service is extremely important. Getting the repair of these devices right is also key part to continued uninterrupted services, customer satisfaction, retention and improved Net Promoter Score (NPS). At some point during a mobile phone lifecycle, an end user will encounter a problem or may wish to trade in their mobile phone. At Grahasta Indo Wijaya we assist many customers through the suite of services we offer. We currently help OEMs, Operators, Insurers and Retailers by providing various returns model solutions.

Printers, Scanners & Copiers

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Office Stationary & Equipment

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Networking Hardware & Tools

Every network administrator or manager worth his or her salt knows that it takes preparation and knowledgeable responses to keep your system running smoothly. When it comes to managing your network, you need the kinds of tools that will allow you to Monitor, Track, Alert, Troubleshoot, Modify & Correct. In order to effectively do all of these things, you will need both hardware and software tools that are proven reliable and picked with your network’s specific design requirements in mind.


Innovative solutions that are highly valued by users, flexible and competitive, and allow for the integration and centralization of all types of infrastructure security, by using smart video networks based on CCTV fused with 3D. We prepare the deployment of CCTV using analog technology and mainly IP, according to the client's management requirements.